We’d like to give a huge shout out to the 2016-2017 Region V Leadership Team. This group has been excellent in helping the Region V Representative and Student Leader make decisions, and select, recruit and approve candidates for the new Regional leadership team and Region V award winners. We could not have done it without your assistance and leadership. Thank you for serving Region V!

State & Provincial Directors

  • Alberta: Dominique MacDonald
  • Colorado/Wyoming: Ben Burnham
  • Iowa: Justin Holman
  • Manitoba: Tanya Angus
  • Montana: Jocelyn Larson
  • Nebraska/South Dakota: Kelsey Whittaker
  • North Dakota/Minnesota: Joel Sanderson
  • Saskatchewan: Alison Fisher

State & Provincial Student Leaders

  • Alberta: Graham Duff
  • Colorado: Kennidi Cobbley
  • Wyoming: TJ Hill
  • Iowa: Kaci Turpin
  • Manitoba: Kyla Ray
  • Montana: Patty Kern
  • Nebraska: Gabe Ryland
  • South Dakota: Amy Cornish
  • North Dakota: Victoria Quast
  • Minnesota: Olivia Wicker
  • Saskatchewan: Paul Ayres