The applications to be a State Student Leader are now open for CO and WY. Apply here!

Position Description

NIRSA is a dynamic organization committed to be recognized internationally as the leader in recreation within higher education, dedicated to excellence in student and professional development, education, research and standards. NIRSA’s commitment, creativity and strategic partnerships are consistently demonstrated through outstanding programs, facilities and services.

As such, the leaders of the Association are expected to be knowledgeable about current issues in campus recreation and matters of the Association, as well as to be forward thinking team members.

All corporate powers of the Association shall be exercised by or under the authority of the board of directors and the affairs of the Association shall be managed under the direction of the board of directors.

The State/Provincial Student Leader will have the following duties and functions, but are not limited to:

  • The State/Provincial Student Leader will act in consultation with the NIRSA Student Leader, Regional Student Leader, Regional Representative, and State/Provincial Director.
  • Assist in the recruitment of new NIRSA student members within their state/province while advancing the role of NIRSA.
  • Communicate with students within their state/province to find out current issues, news, trends, and events.
  • Communicate with Regional Student Leader; submitting at least two articles for the Regional Student Newsletter (i.e. student profile highlights/spotlight).
  • Communicate at least monthly with Campus Contacts within their state to share information from the Regional Student Leader.
  • Appoint and support all Campus Contacts.
  • Assist the Regional Student Leader or Student Lead On Chair with planning the Student Lead On in their region (i.e. logistics, presentations, facilitating meetings, session monitor).
  • If State/Provincial Student Leader is able to attend the Annual Conference, assist the Student Leadership Team in running the student information table.
  • Represent the Regional Student Leader (RSL) at the State/Provincial Workshop if the RSL is unable to attend. Assist with the Regional Student Leaders presentation if the RSL is unable to attend.

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the State/Provincial Student Leader is expected to represent student interests at the State/Provincial Conference/Workshop. Additional travel may be deemed necessary if time, funding and interest are available to accomplish goals set by the Member Network and/or Student Leadership Team for optional events such as Emerging Recreational Sports Leaders (ERSL) Conference, Student Lead On Conference(s), and Regional and/or State/Provincial conferences. To accomplish the duties and functions of a State/Provincial Student Leader, appropriate funding within the NIRSA annual operating budget will be available.

Term of Office:

May 1, 2017–April 30, 2018


  • Any NIRSA student member in good standing prior to election is eligible to serve as a State/Provincial Student Leader.
  • Student must be in good academic standing as defined by their institution.
  • Any student member may be nominated by another student member or may self-nominate.
  • An elected individual is required to continue to be a student and a NIRSA student member throughout the term of office.